History in the Making

There will be a time when the immigrant children detained by the United States of America will write of their experiences. They will write of the pain and anger and fear they experienced at the hands of the mightiest country on earth. They will expose the underbelly of a nation conceived in liberty but dedicated to the proposition that it should control every nation on earth and shape them all in its own self-image, an effigy of an ex cathedra, benevolent god whose commands must be obeyed else insubordinates suffer the consequences.

History in the making is hard on those who will write about it one day. But when they write it their words will be written in blood mixed with hate and loathing and dashed hopes and dreams. Their words will be seared into the minds of those who read them, especially those who could have saved those children from the torture of unnecessary detention. We can only hope that justifiable rage does not burn so hot that a nation conceived in liberty isn’t reduced to ashes.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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