Hair Cut

I got a hair cut yesterday. I asked for it short. It’s relatively short. But not quite what I have in mind. I realized today, though, that the quality of my haircut isn’t particularly important. The quality of my tears matters more. The depth of my emotions tends to have more import. And that brings me, as irrationally as possible, to this:

I wonder whether any research has been undertaken to examine the relationship between feigned bone spurs and malignant narcissism? Surely some scholarly work has been conducted in an effort to identify and isolate a correlation between feigned bone spurs and sociopathic behavior, don’t you think? A connection must exist between feigned bone spurs and the absence of a moral compass. The link between the two must be so strong that, absent high-resolution imaging evidence to support it, a claim that one has bone spurs should be ample evidence of the need for a mental health hold on the claimant. That is, lock the person up for a full-on mental evaluation. I’m talking long-term here. As in lifelong incarceration. Because, as we all know (having seen sufficient evidence to support the assertion), feigning bone spurs can lead to behavior capable of ruining civilization. At the very least, lifelong incarceration would give the patient the opportunity to get a no-comb-over haircut.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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