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Here I am, on Galveston Island, Texas. Passenger seaport. Host to one of the most powerful hurricanes. Ever. But I am in the calm of the storm. With enough money, anyplace can be tolerable. Here, a person could get by nicely with lodging and $30k a year. That’s just a guess.

Yesterday was massively successful. After starting with unexpected sausage kolaches, we spent most of the remainder of the day at the Bishop’s Palace and wandering the Strand, a remarkable shopping area. During our Strand browsing, we stopped for coffee and for lunch. And I discovered, during a browsing wander, that I am fascinated by the octopus, the jellyfish, and the sea horse. Yes, I should have been an oceanographer. Or a farmer. Or an attorney. Or an electrician. Or a welder. Or a cardiovascular accountant. A tad off track.

Last night, we had a shrimp-and-oyster-fest, with the main attractions coming right off the boat just hours earlier at wharfside. Before dinner, one of my friends joined me for a drive to the grocery store to pick up staples like horseradish and shrimp boil. While there, wine seemed to become a staple, right alongside coffee.


Inasmuch as I am one-finger-typing, I will end this one-sided conversation.


One more thing. I witnessed a real neighborhood in action. Close, friendly neighbors. I like it.

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