Grey into Green

As we drove along winding roads and crept through sparse residential areas yesterday, getting acquainted with the terrain and adjusting to a new environment, we spoke about the coming transformation.  We spoke not of the transformation coming as a result of the new house, nor the new routines that no doubt will develop here, but the transformation that will spring upon us as the leaves burst forth from the naked trees.

The dogwoods and redbuds are in full bloom now, providing their respective bursts of white-yellow and rosy colors against mostly brown and grey backdrops of bare wood.  The forest floor is rusty brown, deep in dead leaves.  The evergreens, of course, are ever-green, but the forests are mixed.  They comprise largely hardwoods and other types of deciduous trees with perhaps a quarter of the growth comprising pine.  There are ample signs that it won’t be possible much longer to see through the tall stands of woods.  Everywhere there are almost vaporous green coatings at the tips of the smaller branches of trees.  That blush of color soon will explode into dense green robes, blotting out the views through the trees.

Later today, when I go out to buy a cable modem in anticipation of the high-speed internet hook-up in the new house, I may take some photos to remind me, a few weeks from now, how barren the woods looked in early April.  In early May, there will be no viewing through the thickets; there will be only green on green on more green, hiding everything behind it from view until late Fall, when the leaves will drop again.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to Grey into Green

  1. Clay, thanks for the compliment; one day, I may produce something worthy of a wider audience!

  2. Your writing continues to improve. Our hillside is dusty brown but the monsoon will make it verdant overnight. We will be in Oregon this year. My checkup is May 28, then who knows?

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