There’s nothing to be done. You are at the mercy of the universe. That may seem overwhelming, but it’s not. Not when you consider that you are the universe. You are decency and compassion. You are understanding and appreciation. You are the fibers that bind us together. You and I. We are the matter that makes it all worthwhile. Shortly, I will wander to a little airport, board a little plane, take a little flight, and land in a big city. For a time, I will absorb the pleasures of big city life with friends. But then I will drive a little truck back home, back to the center of the universe. I will return to my wonderful wife and my normal life and will be grateful for the decency and compassion and extraordinary mercy I find here, at home. Some days—and here ‘some’ means ‘all’—are gifts from the universe. This is one such gift. And tomorrow is another. And on and on, ad infinitum, until we all merge with the stars.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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  1. This blog of gratitude is a good way to look at your life and express your appreciation for it. So you are buying a little truck. Will you blog about all your adventiures with it?

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