It’s 5:30a.m. and I’m sitting at the kitchen counter in our friends’ very nice house, thinking how fortunate I am that they are such gracious people.  They are allowing us to stay with them for a couple of nights while we tie up loose ends before we head off to our new home. The alternative would have been to stay at some soul-less hotel, where our temporary state of homelessness would have been emphasized. Instead, we are enjoying their hospitality and feeling far less discombobulated than we might otherwise have felt.

Tonight, we will dine with these same friends and another couple on a meal our hosts (well, one of our hosts) will prepare on his smoker. We’ll have a few drinks and at some point it will strike me that 350 miles between us will make such gatherings more difficult in the future. But our friends always will be welcome in our new house.

Today, I am grateful for friends. I miss them already.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to Friends

  1. Mosha says:

    *your* move…whoops

  2. Mosha says:

    You were very fortunate indeed to have all that hospitality of your friends, John. I’ve no doubt it made you move a whole lot easier and pleasant!

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