Free-Form Thought Packets

Some things are more readily available in solitude.

For example, this morning for breakfast, I fried an egg and toasted two slices of pumpernickel to make my own version of a fried egg sandwich.  Lunch, similarly, was something my wife would find unappealing: a hot dog wrapped in a slice of wheat bread, dressed with a concoction of Louisiana hot sauce and sour cream…washed down with a nice glass of Diamond Bear Paradise Porter.

It’s not that my wife would prevent me from having these things for my meals, it’s just that she would not share them…so it’s easier for both of us to eat the same things most of the time. But, inasmuch as she is off gallivanting around the SF Bay Area, I can indulge myself in my admittedly less-than-healthy menus.

And it is indulgence; I recognize it for what it is. Not only is it indulgence, it is a peek at my life without benefit of discipline and good sense. Yesterday’s lunch of pickled herring and tomatoes at least included a vegetable (technically a fruit, but still…).  Today, not so much. I love veggies, but when I’m looking out only for  myself, they seem a little more work than I think should be required for lunch.  Peeling and, possibly, cooking things like carrots and zucchini and yellow squash and preparing greens seems too much effort just to satisfy my cravings; it’s not too much to do if I’m doing it for my favorite wife.

I’ve not written this morning, except for my early posts.

I’ve not done much around the house.  I drove to Hot Springs to do some grocery shopping (to find Kroger apparently stopped carrying Minute Maid lemon juice…as has every other grocery around here).  Fortunately, according to the Googleverse, it is perfectly workable to freeze lemon juice in an ice tray and put the frozen juice-cubes in a plastic bag in the freezer, taking out a cube each time fresh lemon juice is required.

That last paragraph was work; I’ll need to drink another glass of porter now.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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One Response to Free-Form Thought Packets

  1. Trisha says:

    John, I hear you when you wrote, “without benefit of discipline and good sense.” Same happens here when my son is off on one of his week, or longer junkets. Discipline goes south, and quickly. Schedule becomes just a word and not much else. It become more like, what, when, and if, for in between eating things I probably wouldn’t normally eat, it become simpler and downright basic. As for “if”, I find myself forgetting to eat until I stop what ever I’m do to remind myself that I’d better carve out some time for it.

    Yes, so very different when you’re solo, and have to wing it for a while! I’m going to bet you might be missing Janine! 😉

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