I already posted, on Facebook, photos of the two pieces of abstract art (acrylic paintings) I worked on yesterday.  So, I won’t post them here, for fear of being labeled an egotist of epic proportions. (How could I cope with such a tragedy?)

The blank canvas has been nagging at me for months; for some reason, what little artistic talent I possess was unleashed today, along with a bit of clumsy  artistic bumbling. I appreciate the positive comments; words of encouragement are always welcome, even when one suspects they arise from kindness, rather than admiration.

While I have virtually no artistic skill, I believe I may have sufficient creativity that, with some basic instruction in technique, I might produce evocative and provocative art. Then again, maybe not.

Now, on to matters of more urgency and import.

I attempted to have breakfast at a Mexican restaurant just outside the Village (El Padrino) that, for months, has been promoting that  it will be “serving breakfast soon.”  Yesterday, the sign said “Now Serving Breakfast.”

I parked at 7:05 a.m., five minutes after it ostensibly opened.  I was greeted in the parking lot by an “Open” sign that flashed repeatedly in pink neon. Once inside, I waited for a staff member to show me to a seat, all of which were empty.  I said, in a rather loud voice, “Hello?”  And again.  And again.  My voice may have been drowned out by the loud Mexican Muzak.  So I got louder. “HELLO!!”  Crickets.  At 7:12 a.m., I wandered back to the counter where I gather I would have paid my bill if anyone had been present to give it to me.  There, I saw several one-page (back to back) menus; it could have been Denny’s.  Virtually no Mexican dishes (that’s not fair…there was an omelet or two that mentioned hot peppers, Mexican spices, etc.  After one and a half minutes of looking at the menu, still having neither seen nor heard any signs of a restaurant staff, I left.

I had a similar experience at lunch at Arkansas Pantry BBQ (where I waited 15 minutes for a waiter/waitress or water service, even, before I stood up and walked out).

Is it me?


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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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