For the Moment

A friend was to have arrived today, planning to stay several days. But her elderly dog got sick, so she had to postpone the trip. And, then, a wine tasting a nearby couple had planned for later this week had to be cancelled due to medical issues. So health-related matters have again interfered with our social lives. Such is life. That’s the way things go. My cancer and related maladies had the same impact just a few months (and weeks) ago. Life goes on. But the lessons associated with such detours ought not be ignored: we must be flexible; we must respond to deviations in our plans by adjusting without irritation, annoyance, or otherwise getting upset. That’s a lesson that took so bloody long for me to learn. I finally got it, but it took a good sixty years or so to get there. That’s so unfortunate. Life is so much easier and more accommodating when we can adapt to the environment in which we find ourselves.

Changes can present opportunities, too. For example, I’ll now be able to focus more attention on my deck; getting it scraped and sanded and painted. While I’d rather visit with my friend, I’ll adjust and adapt and give my experience a comforting massage. Now, if only I can adopt these smooth attitudes across the board, I’ll be a happier human. I’m trying. At least I am for the moment.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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  1. Hopester says:

    I hear you.

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