Food Fetish

We enjoy food. “We” means my wife and I. We’re both food aficionados. We’re fond of food. Food feeds our “freak,” as it were. Some people think it odd that I post photos of food, both on my blog and on Facebook. Let them think it. Let them? Can I stop them? Would I even want to try? Why would I? Their lack of creativity doesn’t impinge on my happiness in the least. No, it surely does not do that. Something does, but not the lack of creativity amongst people who would judge me for my food fetish.

Swordfish, buried under mushrooms, alongside mashed butternut squash and—from a can, how apalling—green beans.

Dinner of butternut squash and garbanzo stew, flavored with tomatoes and wonderful spices, alongside some rather bland zucchini that, with appropriate seasonings, became downright delicious.

Breakfast, consisting of a hard-boiled egg, some radishes, a slice of Canadian bacon, a tiny wedge of cream cheese dressed with ghost pepper salt,a few slices of tangerine/tangelo, and some tomato juice.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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