Fits and Starts

One-fingered blogging. The only devices in the house with internet access are smartphones. With tiny keyboards designed for little-bitty people with itsy-bitzy fingers. The reason the usual internet devices are unavailable is that the loudest, most violent, damn-near-heart-stopping clap of thunder I have ever heard (and its accompanying lightning bolt) killed the modem. The only device in the house that was killed in the attack. Among the few sophisticated electronic devices that went unprotected against electrical spikes. The modem is totally dead. No lights. No noise. Nothing. Ach! But AT&T says a replacement will arrive by FedEx today. Good. In the absence of the internet last night, we watched a Pixar film, Cars, that mi novia has on DVD.


I am ashamed of how addicted I am to the internet. Even though my smart-phone has a tiny keyboard and a tiny screen, I find myself checking the news, searching on Google, and otherwise indulging my addiction. Perhaps I should check myself in to a Buddhist monastery where the monks practice and enforce on visitors a vow of both silence and of technological abstinance.


Mi novia is used to her Kindle, which she relies on to supply her with a steady stream of…mostly non-fiction books (I think). I sometimes am slow to adapt. Though in most circumstances I am quite comfortable with technology, I can be something of a Luddite when it comes to books. Magazines, newspapers, etc., etc. are no problem…but books? Still, I have a pretty new Kindle. I should shame myself into using it.


Normally, after having been up for an hour (up at 4 again), I would have skimmed the news, played a word game or two, and just started on my blog post. My technological tragedy imposed a different routine on me. After feeding the yowling, gluttonous cat (Phaedra) and making coffee, I set right into writing this post. One-fingered typing imposes its own set of limits on blogging. Realizing that this blog post, like so many of my others, is just a diary reveals others. It has become just a daily journal. I hereby vow that, soon after I have internet access again, I will give thought to writing about more philosophical matters. And sometime thereafter, I will act on those thoughts. An utterly immeasureable objective! Hah!


I have gotten this far, in fits and starts. But I will go no further. For now. An early breakfast might be just the ticket for laying the foundation for a day that’s beyond acceptable. 🙃


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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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  1. jodeoceanyahoocom says:

    I share your addiction to the internet. I love reading books, but I’m not doing it enough. Grrr…

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