Explosive Night

After going to bed rather early last night, sometime before 11, I heard and felt what sounded like a violent clap of thunder, followed by a roar like a freight train. That first loud noise shook the house. The roar that followed continued the shaking. Dishes rattled. Pictures on the walls vibrated. The sound was exceptionally loud. I got out of bed to explore.

At first, I thought the roar might be a tornado. But the sound and the attendant vibrations did not change in volume or tenor. I then thought the noise might be caused by military aircraft practicing night maneuvers. After ten or fifteen minutes more of the sound, with no change, I abandoned that theory. I had nothing to replace it, though. I was baffled.

My wife heard the same sounds, of course, and went about exploring. She went outside to determine whether there was anything that might explain the noise. It remained a mystery.

After a while longer, the noise diminished ever so slightly, so I decided to return to bed. After almost an hour, I got up again and checked online news feeds. Finally, I learned that the noise was the result of the rupture of a thirty-inch gas pipeline. I estimate the pipeline, located off of Glazy Peau Road and Highway 7 North, is roughly two miles from us. Residents within a one mile perimeter were evacuated. They have since been permitted to return. Apparently, there was no fire, just a rupture. And the gas was under such enormous pressure that, once the line ruptured, the escaping gas caused the deafening noise.

Maybe I’ll learn more today. If I do, I’ll return here and update the post. I’m writing this only to record the events of last night.

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2 Responses to Explosive Night

  1. Linda, it sounded to me like it was very close by, like it was caused by something just outside my line of sight. And, I guess, it was.

  2. lindakblack says:

    I heard the same thing. No trees were shaking, so I quickly discounted the thought of a tornado. I couldn’t find out last night what it was, so I’m happy you posted this. My husband heard nothing, slept right through it. I have often told him that if anyone would save us from something it would be me. I knew it was an explosion of some kind, but didn’t know where, and I felt the house shake. Thanks for the info.

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