Exhaustion, Still

More than a week ago, I stopped bothering to write my usual morning posts. For each of the four days before abandoning my morning routine, I wrote something, but the output was nothing more than wasted energy. During that time, I have made two trips to seek medical treatment. A five-day antibiotic regimen was prescribed the first time; I was directed to follow a seven-day regimen of a different antibiotic the second trip. My energy level is next to nil. My sleep has ranged from 14 to 20 hours each night/day. I am to return to my doctor’s office next week for a follow-up; sooner if the symptoms do not begin to disappear. Though whatever I have is not contagious by this point, it does not seem to be disappearing. Mi novia, fortunately, seems to be emerging from her 12+ day illness (with different symptoms). I read the news and experience waves of depression and hopelessness. What the hell is wrong with humankind? Though I hope my illness passes soon, I am not sure just what will take its place. Exhaustion cannot be understood until one experiences it day after day after day. It’s eight o’clock. I will go back to bed. What else can I do?

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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