Enough for Now

What if…

Sounds had flavor? Every color had a unique odor? Vision was always accompanied by a noise exclusive to the sight being seen?

Would our experience of life be radically different from today’s “normal?” Or would those variations from what we consider natural, today, go unnoticed? Curiosity is not necessarily instructive or informative; some might say unanswered curiosity is just wasted thought. The jury’s still out on that one, I think. And it will remain so well beyond the end of Time.

A “bite” has suddenly appeared on the outside of my right elbow. The itch and the raised, round evidence that a nearly-invisible creature recently attacked me suggests I have been targeted by a chigger. But I have not been outside for well over 24 hours…so how could a chigger have managed to make its way to my outer-elbow and bite me within the last ten minutes? It is a mystery to me. A distressing mystery. A worrisome, alarming, annoying, irritating mystery. If anything positive were to come out of the incineration of Planet Earth in an impossibly gigantic thermonuclear blast, one of the most appealing outcomes would be the extinction of chiggers. And, of course, Peace on Earth. Let’s not forget Peace on Earth.


In preparation for today’s PET scan, I ate very little yesterday: a bagel with cream cheese along with a peach yoghurt for breakfast and some tuna salad for lunch; no dinner. I was instructed to consume no carbs and no sweets/sugars of any kind after 10 yesterday morning. And nothing but water after 6 this morning. I can feel and hear my gut twisting and churning, as if is in the process of digesting itself. Surprisingly, though, I do not feel especially hungry. Unless, of course, I have moved beyond hunger and into the starvation phase; I doubt it.


My brain is empty of creativity. Again. I’ll stop attempting to perform the impossible; enough for now.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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