Domestic Chores

Just as I was about to leave the house to go buy sterile long cotton swabs, ham, cheese, tomatoes, light wheat bread, and jalapeños, it occurred to me that I had put clothes in the dryer a while ago. I checked and they are twelve minutes from being completely dry, or so says the magical, all-knowing electronically-controlled dryer. So I opted to wait and, while waiting, write.

The cotton swabs, by the way, are one component of a lengthy assortment of medical materials necessary for removing wound “stuffing” and then replacing it. It’s a trick I learned (I hope adequately) yesterday. The wound is the site of an infection near the bottom of a thirteen-inch incision that was closed with enormous metal clips until a week or so ago. The infection is troubling, but not overly-so, to the docs and they want to ensure the dressing is changed daily. The dressing is not just a “cover” for the wound; it involves removing a string of stuffing and replacing it with another one that’s been doused with sterile water. All manner of fun, this is, I tell you.

As for the ham, cheese, tomatoes, light wheat bread, and jalapeños, they will constitute the ingredients of today’s lunch sandwiches. I’m not sure my brother will munch on the jalapeños, but they will be a little delight in my mouth. Tonight’s dinner will be an “arm roast,” that I will braise, then cook slowly with a bunch of veggies and a few spices, for dinner cooking time should run about five hours, so if I start at 2:00, we should be able to eat dinner around 7:00.

I guess the clothes are probably dry about now, so I’m off to do more domestic chores before leaving the house for yet more domestic chores.

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