Yesterday’s travels did not compare with days prior. Yesterday was long and arduous, covering too many miles and involving too many hours on the road. The desert between Reno and Salt Lake City has little to recommend it, in my opinion. Heat, dust, sand, bleached earth, salt water, tumbleweed, and arrogant drivers whose driving styles apparently were modeled after Mitch McConnell’s compassion and human decency. I’m probably overstating it, but not by much. I found it difficult to maintain my promised “zen” composure and attitude. I want to be soft and calm and loving. I find it difficult in circumstances that seem designed to ruin such intentions.

What little I saw of Salt Lake City today did not impress me. The mountains around the city are lovely, but the gaping holes in the earth, wrought by copper mines and an utter disregard for the planet, are hideous. The traffic on parts of the city’s freeways was tolerable. On other roadways, it was like Dallas or Houston or Chicago, complete with attitude and disregard for others. Provo, where we stayed the night, was just as disappointing, though bursting with evidence of modernity…and the practice of greed.

Today, we will head toward Denver, where we will spend the night. Then, we will go to Santa Rosa, New Mexico, we decided. I hope my mood changes today and tomorrow. I do not like myself as I am at this moment.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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