Dental Synchronicity

My wife and I must have some degree of synchronicity with respect to our dental health.

The last time I had a dental emergency (rare doesn’t adequately describe it; it was the first and only time), just a few months ago, it peaked on a Sunday morning.  That was before I’d even selected a dentist, though a friend had suggested one nearby and I made a call to his office.  Fortunately, I was not in so much pain that I needed to get immediate help, so I just left a message.  I got a call back early the next morning and was slotted in to see the dentist a short time later.  It was an abscess that required antibiotics and a root canal a few days later.

My wife awoke this morning with pain and swelling in her gums.  A call to my dentist’s emergency number resulted in a return call an hour or so later.  He prescribed an antibiotic.  He suggested she call his office and leave a message, explaining that the dentist had prescribed an antibiotic and asking for a return call to slot her into an emergency appointment time for tomorrow morning.

I hope it’s just an abscess that heals with just the antibiotics and does not require a root canal.  But if one is required, I know someone in Hot Springs who can do it so there’s only very slight pain involved.

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