Creating Friday from Thursday Afternoon

Given that I seriously doubt I’ll have either the time or the inclination to write tomorrow morning, I’m writing Friday morning’s post on Thursday afternoon, instead. The possibility exists that I will write tomorrow, as well, but if not, I’m covered.

There was a time that I would type long letters to friends and family, but the letters rarely received replies. I am a throwback to a time when people wrote to one another instead of emailing or texting or calling or whatever. I do some of those things, too, but I prefer “writing.” My handwriting is illegible, no matter how hard I try to make it legible, so typing is the best option. I’ve read letters written in the 1800s, though, and their illegibility is simply more consistently attractive than my illegibility. I wonder how in hell people could read the stuff I’ve seen. But I suppose they could; perhaps it’s not my writing’s illegibility that’s the problem; perhaps it’s my illiteracy. Maybe I just cannot read cursive writing. I’m convinced that’s not the case, though; though it could be that I cannot read 1800s style cursive writing. Not that any of this matters much. Back to letters. I made the transition from letter-writing to blog-writing. My blog posts don’t get much response, either, but at least I know they can be read. But, then, so could my typed letters. Maybe it’s not the format; maybe it’s the content. Stream-of-consciousness insanity can be hard to follow and harder still to enjoy.

I have no idea where I was going with this. Suffice it to say I do not want to start over, so I’ll leave it as it is and hope some day I’ll remember what I was planning to write, so I can finish it.


Thanks to a phone call from a friend who had just gotten her COVID-19 vaccination, I got my first vaccination today, too. She was notified yesterday she had been assigned to a slot at noon today. After she got her shot and was waiting the obligatory 15 minutes afterward before leaving, she was told there was a slight surplus of vaccines for that time slot and that people who arrived before 12:30 would be eligible to get a vaccination without an appointment. Her call came in about 12:15; I thought it impossible to get to the site before 12:30 and I was right. I arrived at 12:39. They accommodated me in spite of my tardiness. And I now have an appointment for a second shot on April 1. So, two trips to Little Rock to get my injections have been avoided. I cancelled my March 11 slot in Little Rock after I got home.


On a very definitely related subject: the volunteers and professionals at the Balboa Baptist Church, where the shots were given, were extraordinary. The church provided the space and a number of its members provided the staffing to orchestrate and implement a remarkably well-organized process. From parking directors to parking lot ushers to people who checked credentials and provided forms for visitors to complete in advance of the shots, the volunteers were nothing short of spectacular. And the nurses and other professional staff were equally as capable and as friendly as the volunteers. I’ve rarely been so impressed with what amounts to an almost all-volunteer people-management process. Accolades to the Balboa Baptist Church. If they would radically alter their dogma, etc., I might visit occasionally just to express my appreciation.  😉


Today’s weather has been outstanding. I think it’s about 72°F now and the brilliant blue skies are pristine and clear. Though the day started chilly, it warmed up nicely and very quickly. Word on the street, though, is that the temperature will drop to around 45°F tonight and will reach only 54°F tomorrow, with showers and clouds most of the day. If things go according to plan, I will take a friend in to town for a dental procedure and, then, if the timing is right, I will meet a friend and her partner for lunch at Superior Brewery. A little later, I am scheduled to have a telephone consultation with a doctor about the possibility of getting a medical marijuana card, the purpose of which will be to enable me to purchase products that may address should and neck pain and a few other physical outcomes of geezerhood. The possibility exists that the non-purchaser of my Camry will drop by later in the day to return the car’s maintenance and repair records. If so, I will invite her in for wine, as she seems to be an intriguing person who shares some interests with me. If not, I am not sure what I will do. But since I have wine and televisions and books and Spotify in the house, I have a pretty good idea.

Tonight, too. Anyone want to come over?

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