Cool, Grey Serenity

Even on this drab morning, when the sky is a muted, muddy grey, the sounds of birds singing lifts my spirits. When I awoke, much later than normal at around 6, darkness had already been washed from the sky, leaving in its wake a dim grey glow. I went out to hang the hummingbird feeder (I take it in at night to discourage raccoons from greedily drinking the nectar) and was immediately enchanted by the way the cool air enveloped me and asked me, ever so gently, to stay for a while. Though I wanted to sit outside and drink in the morning, I opted instead to return to the kitchen, make some coffee, and sit in front of my computer screen. Some mornings, I think I’ve lost my mind; my head would be clearer and my thoughts more precise and pleasant if I simply let myself relax and absorb what Mother Nature wants me to know.  But, in spite of my decision to come back indoors, the sounds of birds and the coolness of the morning fed me with a little more composure than I am used to. And I like that. (And, perhaps, the dim grey air helped.)

Having returned to the house and having sat in front of my computer, though, I have decided to make this a short-lived engagement with the keyboard. Maybe I’ll feel more inclined to blog later in the day. But for now, I need more coffee and the serenity of birdsongs and a cool, grey morning. Back to the deck.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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