Circular, Spherical…It’s All Around Us

I do not appreciate being teased. Not in the least. In fact, if truth be known, I loathe being teased. When teased, I transform from a committed pacifist to a mercenary soldier with a taste for blood. When Spring first teased me with her gentleness and soft touch, I was taken in. I believed the implication of her warm embrace. But, suddenly, I recoiled from her grip, growing cool and uncomfortably moist, on my arm. I knew her too well! She was nothing short of severely hypocritical; as in, the extreme…like, psychotic. The moment she teased me with her allure, I knew. As I said, I loathe being teased. So you can imagine my reaction at the latest attempted seduction. That’s right, I slammed the door on her cold heart. She’ll probably make a couple of half-hearted attempts to trick me into believing her short-term redemption. But I won’t accept her teasing anymore. She must first see the light…convincingly. I want the embrace to feel unmistakenly warm; the kind of warm that permeates the air on a crystal clear day in late May.


I have plenty to do around the house. And I want to do it. Or, at least, have it done. But I do not seem to have the mental energy to attack the tasks. I look at the undone tasks with dead eyes and weakness. That will change, though. When the weather is reliably comfortable. To me. I prefer a little more warmth, sometimes, than some other people. When it comes, I may turn into a whirlwind of energy. The possibility exists, of course, that I will continue as a mass of stagnant, humid, chilly air. That cannot go on forever, because/for ever has no end.


We are used to globes. Spheres. Physical entities that makes it easy to understand the absences of a beginning and an end. At any one place on the globe, the “beginning” of a straight line encircling the sphere will return, becoming “end.” The cycle repeats infinitely. But how does one comprehend a similar conceptual issues—the universe having no beginning and no end. And even if that endless universe sprang from the “big bang,” what existed before the “big bang?” Nothing? Endless nothingness? I cannot wrap my shaggy little brain around that concept. Now if the universe were a sphere… No, there’s something outside of a sphere. Here, we’re talking about something that has no outside…because it encompasses outside…it is the endless everything.

In the overall scheme of things, human beings are as close as possible to infinitely small as things can get. And massively, monstrously, enormously irrelevant. But fundamentally harmless. Except to the planet and each other, the loss of neither of which would upset the balance of Nature. We are not necessary, but we think we are. We tell one another, humbly, that we are the most intelligent, most advanced, most powerful, most glorious creatures on the planet. Ask the ant colonies and colonists. To them, we are bungling beasts that recklessly and carelessly ruin entire bioscapes. Whole forests. Lakelands. We bulldoze mountains. And the ants are not the only ones. Cardinals and sparrows get a bird’s-eye view of our mindless attempts to take imperial control over Nature. Almost every other species watches in amusement, rage, or disgust as we attempt to sully the planet. Many of the watchers are not worried; the planet will recover in short order after the gluttonous, destructive parasites have left.

I suspect the timeframe will be considerably shorter going forward than it has been going back. It takes time and repeated mistakes to perfect imperfectability. Only after making multiple failures over an extended period of time does the premier failure take shape.


Mocking another’s beliefs is almost guaranteed to have negative effect on changing the person’s ideology to mirror one’s own fantasies. None of us are privy to the Truth. We may have hunches about it. We may have “evidence” that supports a theory. But we do not have access to the Truth.  The Truth is too big and unwieldy and impossibly complex for us to comprehend its scope or size or purpose. We can touch on one end of it or another, but those ends are an unfathomably, exponentially large number of light years in the distant future or past. By the time one end of the Truth appears to be clear and absolute, another end has replaced that Truth with a newer and far more complex version, proving once and for all that Truth is contextual. We have been taught the opposite. If this is True, can situational ethics be far behind? Will morality begin to look different from one person to the next? Oh my God! I think it’s already happening! How will I know what is moral, then?

Thankfully, Child, I have the answer! For a limited time, autographed copies of Swinburn’s Guide to Situational Ethics, Moral Loopholes, and Other Forms of Illicit Pleasure are available for just $9999, plus tax, title, and dealer prep. If you are not certain about what’s right and wrong, this book’s for you! With it, you will learn to defend your brazen attitudes as if they were legitimate philosophies. In no time, you will become the morally bankrupt creature you’ve always wanted to be!

I’m kidding. I do not have such a book. Please do not seek me out, wanting a copy of the book. Again, it is not real. Like so many things I write, it is a figment of my imagination. While some such fantasies reflect a person’s hidden desires, this one may not. Who knows? I certainly don’t.


Off to engage with the day!

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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