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Icelandic Diversion

I am sitting in my wife’s room in the rehabilitation hospital while she is off undergoing therapy of one kind or another. A short while ago, after she was wheeled away for her two back-to-back sessions, I wandered through the … Continue reading

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Another Visit to My Mental Clothing Store

I sit at my desk in my “morning clothes” (t-shirt, gym shorts, flip-flops), thinking these clothes should be perfectly acceptable any time of the day or night and in any place I find myself. They should be just fine at … Continue reading

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Modesty or Something Like It

Am I being modest when I insist on wearing a shirt to the door when I answer a knock? Or is the issue really embarrassment at my physical appearance? I suppose I could try to imagine that I inhabit a … Continue reading

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You Would Look Just Fine if You Were Naked

I chose to ignore the clock’s suggestion after I awoke to pee, opting instead to remain upright and awake. The time, 3:48 a.m., suggested a return to bed and to sleep would have been appropriate. But putting on my morning … Continue reading

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Beer, Bathing & Wine

Last night was a joy. Friends from Dallas arrived and we enjoyed good food, marvelous libations, great conversation, and camaraderie. My sister-in-law was thrilled, as was I, that our friends’ arrival meant the delivery of three cases of wine not … Continue reading

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The Nude Vegan

I was a participant in a conversation yesterday afternoon that could turn into something interesting. Or ugly.  Well, it already has. Let me explain. Our conversation about blogging took a turn when my friend mentioned she once wrote a blog about vegan cuisine.  I’ve … Continue reading

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I think one of the things I’ll value most about moving into our new house will be the relative isolation, at least compared to the condo we’re renting at the moment.  There will be neighbors on both sides of us, … Continue reading

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I hope you won’t think the lesser of me for it, but I am here to admit that I sometimes think about nudity and wish there were more of it.  Not nudity in the sense of titillation or arousal, just…nudity. … Continue reading

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