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We looked at cars. We drove some. One new one (a 2015 Ford Escape). Mostly a year or two or three old. We did not fall in love. The salesperson was beside herself, but she was able to contain it, almost. That was Tuesday.

Still, nothing certain. I’ve settled on what I want, though. I want a pickup, a convertible, that gets very high gas mileage, has a super smooth but very sporty ride; a vehicle that absolutely defines luxury. It has to be cheap, too. We’re still looking.

Even decent car salespeople annoy. Like the woman who practically climaxed while talking about a Nissan Altima, saying, “This is just a remarkable car! It’s an incredible deal. You just can’t find a nicer car than this.” But when I asked, she had no idea about the price.  “I’ll have to check.” But that was nothing.

After driving the Escape, a Hundai Tucson, a Ford Fusion, and the Nissan Altima, we were ready to go. “Wait, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this one. It’s like the car I drive.  A 2012 Lincoln MKZ. It is PERFECT! Low miles, great price, luxury like you can’t believe!”

Her partner in crime, a woman trained (I assume) to salvage buyers leaving without a car, brought around the Lincoln. “Take it for a drive.”  We did.

I could imagine the original salesperson, watching us drive away in the Lincoln: “Oh my god, I’m going to…” But, alas, we weren’t blow away by the three year old doddering luxury car suited more to über geezers than to us. The salesperson came so close to ecstasy, but we spoiled it by leaving in our own car.

We will drive a Toyota or two, a Honda, maybe another Hundai. We’re in no huge rush. The greatest feeling of control when looking to buy a car is knowing that I can and will walk away if the car and the deal are not both right. None of those cars were right. But, then, I’m not absolutely certain I’m going to find my smooth- and sporty-riding, fuel-efficient convertible pickup that exudes luxury, at least not for a price I’m willing to pay.

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6 Responses to Car Talk

  1. Millie says:

    I drove a lovely Lincoln Town Car for years. I adored it. Silver outside, burgundy leather seats inside. I felt like a princess. I bought it used with 38,000 miles on it. Drove it another 100,000.

    Don hated it. He decided to sell it. Parked it in front of our house with a sign on it. Asked $800 for it. A man who didn’t speak English brought him the cash to the front door. Don handed him back $400. He gave the man the title. The man drove off with the car.

    Two weeks later we got a bill from the city that the car had been wrecked and abandoned, and we were supposed to pay towing and storage. Fortunately, someone had warned Don to contact someone in DVM or such that we had sold it. He’d made that call the day after the sale, so we didn’t get stuck with the bill from the city.

    I replaced my beloved Lincoln Town Car with a brand new silver PT Cruiser. Don hated it, too.

  2. jserolf says:

    I am that, John, and even deeper. I would almost prefer a Cadillac.

  3. I saw one of those when we lived in Dallas and I was awestruck; I wanted it! But the cost and the poor gas performance turned me against it. I just thought of a title of a book, modeled after one by Larry McMurtry. “All My Friends Are Going To Be Geezers!”

  4. Geezer Jim says:

    Did someone say sporty convertible pickup truck? It doesn’t meet your gas mileage criteria, but you’d turn some heads!

    And I agree with Juan. I like the Lincoln MKZ. I actually tried to get Vicki to look at one when she was searching for a new car… Oh well… Now where are my spectacles?

  5. Juan, you are geezer in disguise! LOL!

  6. Juan says:

    I got to admit…I love that Lincoln MKZ!

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