Capiunt Diem

I’ve been drawing a blank about what to write this morning. Everything that comes to mind would require far too much time and energy and would leave me and anyone reading my words angry and depressed. Finally, I decided I would simply extract some wisdom from a book that, for years, I have kept on my desk within an arm’s reach. But I glanced around my desk…it wasn’t there. I turned and skimmed the bookshelves…apparently not there, either. My heart sunk. But I am confident it must be somewhere nearby. It has to be. I would never had gotten rid of it. The little black book, The Essene of Zen, has been my reliable counselor for several years. It does not tell me things I do not already know, but it reminds me to think more deeply about things I know already. I simply must find the book. And clear off my desk so the book can claim a place within easy arm’s reach,


For now, though. Another shot of caffeine. It is late. The day already is attempting to get away from me. I cannot let that happen. I will grasp the day. For you Latin-speakers, that would be capiunt diem.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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