Why is it that we have a limited palette when it comes to breakfast? I mentioned something I’d find interesting for breakfast in today’s Ruminations, but I think I’m in the minority in finding “routine” breakfasts boring.  Despite my distaste for routine breakfasts, I find myself partaking of them regularly because my wife is like most other people I know; she is satisfied with a limited menu for breakfast. Granted, she tolerates my interest in breakfast around the world, but only on a limited basis. While I could have something utterly different every day, she is satisfied with scrambled egg substitute, turkey bacon, and a glass of tomato juice, sometimes accompanied by a bit of fruit. That’s fine, but it has the makings of boredom in the extreme. Aside from my concern that turkey bacon may well be far worse for my health than the real deal, eggs that have been chemically and mechanically modified to remove the “cholesterol component” are deadly dull.

Yesterday, we had leftover frikadellers, a Danish dish that I find immensely appealing. But today, it’s back to the old standby. And that’s what most people seem to consume for breakfast. Whether it’s toast and bacon, a breakfast bar, bacon and eggs, or something else, most people (at least most with whom I’ve had the breakfast conversation) seem to have a very limited breakfast menu. Why do we do that to ourselves when we would not long tolerate, unless forced, having the same damn thing every day for lunch or dinner?

Is it that we don’t have, or won’t take, the time to prepare a more varied breakfast in the morning? Or are we, collectively, so deadly dull that eating the same thing for breakfast, day in and day out, actually satisfies our ‘hunger’ for variety?

If I could, I’d have something different for breakfast every day of the month. I guess I could, but that would mean I’d have to fix two breakfasts; I would be willing to do that for awhile, but I suspect my tolerance for doubling the work would not last. So, I will just put up with the boring crap that is, most days, on the regular menu.


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  1. Hmmm. I like variety for breakfast, competing tastes, savory flavors that battle with sweet or sour or spicy. Mixing flavors too much, though, creates a mushy blend of flavor; I prefer separating them. At least that’s my feeling on the matter at this very moment; that could change!

  2. jserolf says:

    There is something spectacular about a breakfast, especially when it’s at restaurant. In Mexico, they do a lite breakfast — sort of European — with some kind of tapa and coffee, maybe a little juice.

    Here in the States, we like a big breakfast, almost English. I was always amazed at my X-wife (Australian) over what/ how she would have for breakfast that most likely included sausage, toast, eggs, rashers, fried tomato. As I watched her eat, it seemed that the main idea was to cut and fork into several foods at once, as if all components must be tasted at once.

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