Another night of insomnia, though not as sleepless as the two previous nights. I was early to bed, but late to sleep. And I woke often. At 4:30, I rose for the day, which involves lab work and an annual physical exam. Thanks to my failure to go when and where I was to get lab work last week, I am sitting in the CHI St. Vincent outpatient area, awaiting my blood-letting. I arrived here at 5:20, thinking I would be the sole patient. Not so. A dozen or more sleepy-eyed people await their procedures.

One-fingered blogging does not suit me, so I will stop. Maybe I will think on the screen later, maybe not. For now, I will people-watch the sick, the afflicted, and the healthy who need blood-letting and such.

Perhaps night will become day before I return home and, later this morning, to the doctor for my physical.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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