Be It Resolved…

I was thinking today, as I sometimes do, about various things of major and lesser import.  Among those things was this: I made no New Year’s resolutions for 2013.  Not that it’s unusual for me; I rarely make New Year’s resolutions, for 2013 or any other year.  But this year, it’s different.  This year, I need to make some changes.  I’ve allowed myself to deviate from some good habits and to adopt some bad ones, so it’s time for a few changes.  Here are some of the more significant ones:

  • Before the month of March spills into April, I will adopt a regular regimen of walking…significant walking, with enough energy and speed and regularity to do good things for my cardio-vascular system and my weight.
  • No later than I return to walking, I will swear off booze, except for no more than 3 beers per week inasmuch as I plan to make beer (or ale or stout).
  • Each and every day, I will make a point of doing something that’s hard for me to do…I know what I mean, even if others reading these words may not.
  • Using diet and exercise and discipline, I will make steady and irrevocable progress toward at least reaching my preliminary target weight of less than 170 pounds.

There are plenty of other things I need to change.  I’m old enough now to change.  I’m nearly 60.  Until now, I was a mere child who could without guilt be self-centered and semi-irresponsible.  When one reaches 60, some of that irresponsibility must erode, only to be replaced with other things.  The question, of course, is…what?

Well, it wouldn’t be beyond reasonable to replace at least a little of my irreverence with something a little more solemn, don’t you think?

Time will tell.  It always does.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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7 Responses to Be It Resolved…

  1. druxha says:

    It’s great you two have found similar groups, though! I did check Juan’s link…it’s legit…not AA.;) But I have to chuckle again, for one is on the wagon, the other in lent, but both are busying themselves in homemade brew and distillery whilst they passover! Lol! When “ley seca” has come to a screeching halt (brew’s ready!) , and the malt is just right….all I can say is….¡¡SALUTE!! you two! 🙂
    Neat-O John…Turkish food. Have never tried that, please report back on that one…just curious as to how it is. Ha!…yes a good way to help out. Have fun…and find strength in your resolutions!…hmm…I kinda want to be a grape stomper now…..that could be a resolution, or no?? 🙂

  2. druxha says:

    Sure thing, John! I’m sitting here laughing to myself, for when I read into your first sentence….exercise, malt & grapes, meat, & social intercourse, I suddenly had this epiphany of you, Juan, Janine and myself being grape stompers! Lol! Well, its a novel idea, and besides, grape stomping is sexy! 😉 Indeed it is! So there you have it! The libation, lots of exercise for sure, and plenty of social intercourse! And I’ll bet everyone will be filled with joy, too! 🙂 Hey…I am beginning to really like this epiphany…..—contd–

  3. druxha says:

    Glad you agree Juan. I agree with your message also. 🙂

  4. John Swinburn says:

    Thanks, Trish. Juan, I think a routine involving exercise, malt and grape beverages, meat, and social intercourse is a fine approach to happinesss! I hope I’m successful in living up to my commitments to myself. I am planning to join a similar group: On Saturday, my friend Jim and I are going to Homebrew Headquarters to begin the process of outfitting our beer plan, then heading out to a Turkish restaurant (Pera). He and his wife are going to Turkey in April and we offered to help them get acquainted with Turkish food! I love being helpful in this way!

  5. jserolf says:

    Just recently, gave up all drink for Lent — except for one liter of ale (shared no less with Joe Nolfo). Had to break open that bottle because was afraid that yeast was not blooming when primer added and bottled it. Had to make sure it was working. Like you, gone back into a steady routine of exercise: weight-training and running. Also on an Adkins diet — (puro carne! 😉 But that’s another story. Anyway this thought about only having my own home-made drink, coupled with bartering with others for their home-made products might be a good thing to try for this year.
    I know two people who are vinting wine, so there is access there, and I was invited by a 3rd party to attend a meeting — No! Not AA 😉
    I like this thing about each and every day to do something hard. That’s a great challenge to self.

  6. jserolf says:

    I agree with woman’s message just before me 🙂

  7. druxha says:

    Sounds like a nicely thought out list of resolutions, John. I wish you much success, too! Commitment is key, but you know that. You were very dedicated to your walks before, therefore I see that resuming that activity might not be a huge hurdle for you. You have my support for your coming endeavors if that helps at all….so, onward and upward as they say! And of course keep up-dates on your progress! Now, go gittin! 🙂

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