Baseball Caps in the Rain

I awoke this morning to evidence of heavy rain and wind while I was sleeping. My big tomato plant was bent in half, blown away from its metal cage and its leave water logged. The forecast, which calls for more rain and thunderstorms, does not portend well for me having a good time while picking up trash along the roadside, which I will be doing shortly. I volunteered, along with a dozen other church folks, to clean up a stretch of roadway this morning. Despite the rain, we’ll do it. And I will return home and shower, hoping my long pants and insect repellent keep the chiggers and other unpleasant beasts at bay. I may write more about this exciting experience later. Or I may not. I’m taking a baseball cap along with me, just in case it starts raining again. I loathe wearing baseball caps, but they do help keep rain drops off my glasses, the presence of which I loathe even more than wearing baseball caps.

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