I haven’t mentioned that my IC and I suddenly and with little provocation decided to buy another house in the Village. Yes, that’s right. We made an offer on a house deep, deep in the forest. The offer was accepted. The process now is to complete loan approval, arrange for an inspection, and wait for the current owners to vacate the premises. We gave them a month plus two weeks. We will sell my current house after we close on the new one. I hope the real estate agent is right about the value of the current place. The new place is secluded; the only house at the end of a cul-de-sac lane that has only one other house, several empty lots away.  Whee! Another adventure.


Today is more like it. I woke around 5:30, though I stumbled awake instead of springing up, instantly alert and aware. I spoke to my IC briefly, who needed a Motrin before nodding off (I hope) to sleep again. As I woke, I recalled a strange set of dreams in which I drove a monstrous old American car around a parking garage. The car was horribly difficult to steer. And it kept drifting into other cars and into concrete posts. My mother and a brother were in the car with me. And at some point, we were inside, where we had breakfast. I was angry that butter kept spilling onto a table cloth. Another brother was furious with me because I was angry. And my father was in the scene, too. Someone else, a person I did not know, was cooking an Indian dish on the stovetop. He left out the asafoetida, but I pointed out that it was on top of the cabinets, hidden behind the rim of the upper cabinet. And then I was awake. Hmm.


Last night’s episode of Goliath introduced me to Anabell Gardoqui de la Reguera, a Mexican actress I find quite attractive. So far, I know only that the character she plays is campaigning to be mayor. I tend to dismiss information about actors; it’s the characters they play who interest me. But occasionally I explore the actors, albeit only superficially. Many actors seem, in my view, to take themselves too seriously. It’s hard for me to defend that attitude of mine, but not impossible. I just think many actors are arrogant; full of self-importance when self-importance is unjustified. Hmm. Maybe I’m projecting. Maybe I’m the one whose brain is flooded with self-importance. Maybe that’s why I so often find actors annoying.


As we prepare for a short visit to Galveston, I find myself wondering what to expect and what to take with me. Does the place have a coffee maker? A Keurig? Shall I take Kuerig K-cups? Or ground coffee? Filters? There’s no wifi, so I shall not be likely to blog while I am away, but I might use my phone on occasion. No television. No problem. Reading. Conversation.


For reasons beyond my ability to comprehend, I am extremely tired again. I could drift off to sleep in my chair. Quite easily. I will try not to. At least for awhile.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to Awhile

  1. John says:

    You have eased my mind!

  2. Becky says:

    I have a four-cup Mr. Coffee at Lisa’s and I ground up coffee beans last night to pack. We’ll survive the AMs ’til we can make our way to Starbuck’s or IHOP.

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