Another Day

Oh, I must have been tired when I posted yesterday. At least twice I referred to Fairview instead of Fairfield. And now that I am using my phone to post, instead of my horrid little uncooperative laptop computer, the errors may multiply. Yesterday’s errors could be attributed to my tiredness and creeping senility; today’s can be blamed on one-fingered typing, which exacerbates my creeping senility. Fortunately, I slept pretty well last night, in spite of being absolutely unable to breathe through my nose. I woke myself repeatedly by closing my mouth, which replicated the sensation of having my air supply cut off, as if someone clamped shut the hose to my breathing apparatus.

Today, we will make our way to Fairfield. We will explore the area around Central Park, including restaurants with an international flair and little shops and other such commercial establishments. And we’ll look at houses, at least from the outside, that looked attractive on Zillow. But we won’t leave the Des Moines airport area until the heavy fog advisory lifts. I hope we can talk to a real estake agent or two, as well, just to talk about the attractions of this area. We’ll see.

As for where we will stay tonight. God only knows. Maybe we will learn today why every motel within driving distance of Fairfield was booked last night. (As I mentioned, I misposted “Fairview,” which is another Iowa community not far from Cedar Rapids.) We may have to drive to Minnesota or Michigan or Illinois or Quebec this afternoon to avoid the intense overcrowding of motel rooms. Perhaps we could impose on Deanna or on Janet and Mike, asking them if we might sleep on the floor of their self-powered houses on wheels. Yesterday’s experience, being unable to find a place to stay, resurrected my interest in exploring an old RoadTrek or Winnebago or Drunken Dutchman or whatever. Of course last-minute set-ups in a Walmart parking lot is not especially appealing, either.

I read with grateful appreciation the comments on yesterday’s post comments left by two blog follower friends…thank you Debbie and Becky. It’s nice to know we’re missed as we wallow in nearly-homeless self-pity among the barren cornfields near the Des Moines airport. Seriously, it is nice to stay connected outside the superficial  boundaries of Facetank and such.

I’ve already showered, but it’s time to shave and dress for a complimentary motel breakfast. I doubt this morning’s meal will compare to yesterday’s smoked salmon frittata at First Watch. But it will do, whatever it is.

Here’s to a grand morning to all! News that Gavin Newsom survived (in a landslide) his recall election cheered me up this morning! Good day!

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