An Attempt at Gratitude

Wine-enhanced sleep, even when the humidity is higher than one might like, is welcome sleep. I don’t think I woke up during the night, not even once. But I awoke to the experience of slightly sticky floors. You know, that odd sensation one gets when one steps on wood floors that are just a hair cooler than the moist air around them? Yeah, that stickiness. It’s not really sticky, it’s just…odd. We decided leaving the windows open, allowing the slightly cooler air and pollen to surround us overnight, was preferable to keeping them closed. We would have steamed ourselves to sleep had we kept the windows closed. If, indeed, we had slept.

Even with the moderately cooler temperatures (the thermometers and the computer-reported weather data agree that it’s 70 degrees at the moment), the humidity suggests it’s not as comfortable as one might expect. My body agrees. I hope the AC guy calls shortly after 7:30 to report that he has found a replacement fan for our AC system. If he does, we ought to be back in business by noon (if his estimates are correct). If he calls to report he has to order the part, we won’t have air conditioning until Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest.

My smart phone just gave me a pop-up reminder: “Change AC filter.” Yeah, right. I will, but it will do no good until the AC fan is replaced. The good news is that the fan, the AC tech says, is under warranty. I’ll only have to pay for the service call and diagnostics, which he estimated last night will be $175. That’s a small price to pay for comfort. Between now and the time he calls to give me the news, I will drink coffee and make an attempt at gratitude. I’m grateful the outside temperatures are not in the low eighties. There, that makes me feel better.


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