An Antonymic View of The World

The world is a reflection of itself, an inverse expression of who or what it is. Land versus water. Matter versus void.  Certainty versus doubt.  Truth versus deception. Love versus hate.

My view of the world says these opposites are expository.  They tell us stories we haven’t asked to hear.  Yet we pray to magical beings for access to the truth they reveal.

We want the truth, but we don’t know we want it…so we invent our own version of rationality and work hard to make it match reality.

But it never does, does it?   We do our damnedest to grasp the true nature of existence…we try HARD to translate the theory of relativity into social practice.  But we fail.   Irrationality has its own rigid rules that must be obeyed.  And so we do.  We obey them while calling them names and ripping their entrails from the creatures we are about to consume.

Nature is a shadow, peering over our shoulders like the vultures she has used in a vain attempt to make us understand what happens next.

Good: Bad
Light: Dark
Kindness: Cruelty
Full: Empty
Truth: Lies
Honesty: Deception
Rich: Poor
Up: Down
Reality: Fantasy

But then you get to religion. That’s where the full versus empty things starts to fall apart.

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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