About those cars…

Change of heart, change of mind, change of scenery.  We will not, at least in the near-term, get an Element, an Odyssey, a CR-V, or a RAV4.  Instead, we plan to get a Honda Civic.  We will buy said vehicle from my soon-to-be-near sister-in-law, who has her sights set on a Honda Fit (as do I, but I will defer my lust).  Unless she changes her mind, she will get a Fit (at which point she will have a Fit) and sell us the Civic.

Then, when either the Camry or the Civic decides to stop satisfying our automotive needs, we will relinquish it in favor of a car well-suited for comfortable road-trips.  Maybe an Avalon.  Maybe an Odyssey.  Maybe a Sienna.  I still like those vans…they make superb road-trips!

My wife and I even talked about buying the well-priced Odyssey we drove today for road trips and getting a “run-about” for good gas mileage, but we have no place to store the van. Unless my sister-in-law were to volunteer her garage.  😉  Until our plans change, those are our plans.

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3 Responses to About those cars…

  1. John Swinburn says:

    You’re both right. Donations toward achieving those objectives will be gratefully accepted! 😉

  2. Doug says:

    I think a Bentley

  3. Larry Zuckerman says:

    You need a Rolls Royce.

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