A New Place

Belatedly, after two full days in the new house, I baptized the new tile shower this morning. My intent was to finally wash off the sweat and grime before I went to bed last night (the sheets were already in dire need of a washing machine bath), but sleep overtook me before I could carry out my intent. But this morning, after waking quite a bit later than has been my custom of late (just after 5:30), I inaugurated the shower. The tile floor and gentler-than-I-like water pressure will take some getting used to, but getting clean felt wonderful this morning.

Now, the time is barely past 6:30 and dim daylight is an hour old. A dull grey cover of clouds shields the forest from the sun, but high humidity clothes it with a feeling warmth befitting a sunny midday. When I walked outside, the air seemed thick with heat, though the temperature is only 73°F. The conditioned air inside the house, warmer than outside, was more comfortable. So, I sat in front of my computer, ready to spill my thoughts onto the keyboard, when I saw a blue jay swoop down from a tree branch and land on a pole from which a bird feeder hung. The bird quickly decided the bird feeder had no place to perch, so it leapt from the pole, snatched some seeds in its beak, and flew away. This happened a few more times. During a lull in the fly-and-dash meal, a ground squirrel shimmied up the pole. It eyed the dangling feeder, trying to decide how it could get at the seeds. Its only option would have been to jump from the pole onto the feeder; finally, it determined the effort and potentially catastrophic result of missing the jump would not have been worth the effort. It left, dejected in its inability to secure massive amounts of what might have been delicious seeds.


I took a break to have an early breakfast with mi novia, who got up just after 6:30, a good hour earlier than her normal time to arise. She reported she did not sleep well. Ideally, she would have gone back to bed to give it another try, but I think she feels obligated to help with the remaining efforts to empty the old house. I could do it alone, but she can be stubborn and would reject that notion. Now, she is showering. I will end this rumination and head to the old house. One more day of this endeavor, I hope, will be adequate to empty the house. Then, all that is left to do is a thorough cleaning. And, then, pursuit of a new life in a new place.


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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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