A Different Vantage Point

Fall has arrived, with indications winter may not be far behind.  The forecast for the next several days calls for much cooler temperatures, with nighttime temperatures falling to just below freezing.  Yesterday, when I captured the image below, was the last day for 70+ temperatures for awhile, though we may just touch 70 on Monday. Tonight’s low should hit 31 degrees; a perfectly crisp temperature for Halloween.


What this means, of course, is that the time has passed that I should have done my “winterizing,” though there’s still plenty of time to wrap the water lines with insulating tubing, buy de-icer for the driveway, get slip-on cleats to go over my shoes so I can more easily get around on icy walkways, etc.

It also means the trees are full-on into their transition from green to gold and red and brown. My sister-in-law, who arrived in the Village by car on Monday to move into her new home, brought a friend with her to help with the drive. Her friend, who is going on vacation in New Hampshire next week, commented that trees around here look very much like those in New Hampshire during the peak of fall foliage.

We hope to see more brilliant colors during a trip to visit friends north of us. This is different from Dallas; we’re experiencing nature from a different vantage point.

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