A Critic is Lurking

Take responsibility for undertaking a task and it’s bound to happen: someone—who could have taken on the task but did not—will offer criticism about how the job was done. The criticism is not always blunt and forceful; sometimes, it’s hidden beneath faint praise. If one lets such implicit negative judgment get under his skin, it could ruin an otherwise good day. The criticism might stem from the critic’s jealousy or from his self-directed anger than he did not take on the task but, instead, let someone else do it. Or, it might arise from some completely unrelated thorn in the critic’s side, a thorn that prompts the critic to lash out with anger, cloaked beneath a gossamer veil of civility.

Or, criticism may be well-intentioned and legitimate. Even though I am, many times, my own worst critic, hearing someone else’s confirming condemnation of my self-criticism stings more than my own. And, so, what is the point of this mini-diatribe? There seems to be no point at all, except to get it off my chest.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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