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Last night was the second HSV Open Mic Night I’ve organized. I thought the first one, on October 10 last year, was successful. But, then, I didn’t quite know how to define success; it was, after all, the first such event I’ve undertaken to organize and I hadn’t quite settled on what success might look like. When I went into last night’s event, I still hadn’t decided what success might look like; at the end of the evening, I knew. It looked exactly like last night’s event.

Yesterday morning, the event was shaping up as an evening in which five performances would take place. By the time the program was over last night, just a bit after nine o’clock, eleven individuals or groups had performed, the final performance having received a standing ovation. That’s what an open mic event is supposed to look like; people show up and, if there’s time, they perform.

I thought all the performers did a magnificent job. And the Coronado Center, especially Craig Annen, the manager, performed above and beyond, ensuring the musicians and performers had what they needed to look and sound and be their best. I was impressed with Craig and his team. The only poor performer last night was the photographer; he ought to be replaced.

For my own record, here’s what last night’s HSV Open Mic Night looked like:

Chloe Stainbrook, guitar and vocals (a middle school student!)

Courtney Stanage, formally-trained pianist, played an Elton John medley.

David Legan

Ed Bayer, told a George Carlin tale

John Chapman, Emcee extraordinaire!

Linda Black, read Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, which received a standing ovation!

Mike Catlett, Steve Skubish, and Dan Chandler, three-fifths of Common Ground Band.

Myra Rustin read “The Sound,” a poem, in a jazz conversation with John Leisenring on Trombone

Philip Doyle played and sang a song he wrote.

Toby Hamilton told the story of how she got her name.

Two Guys, the feature performers: Jameson Burton and Tai Nishiuchi

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