This is it, post number 2100. Okay, now that the celebration is over, let me get right to the work at hand.

Salt and sugar look damn near identical. I know this for many reasons, but let me recount the most recent event that confirms the fact. A couple of days ago, as I prepared to brine a pork tenderloin that I planned to smoke the following day, I placed a canister of sugar on the counter and opened it (the brine recipe I use for pork tenderloin uses sugar, salt, pork rub, and a bay leaf in two cups of water). Then, I took a box of Kosher salt down from a shelf and placed it next to the sugar. Between them sat the pot in which I would prepare the brine. I dipped a measuring cup into the sugar, pulled the full cup from the canister, and emptied it into the pot. Next, I poured a cup of Kosher salt into the same measuring cup and emptied it into the canister from which I had just taken a cup of sugar. Instantly, but before I could stop my hand from doing the deed, I realized what I had done. I attempted to retrieve all the salt I had dumped into the canister but, you know, sugar and salt look quite a lot alike. The next day, I mentioned to my wife what I had done. She tested the sugar for salt flavor and found that, indeed, sufficient salt remained in the sugar canister to warrant discarding all the remaining sugar.

I washed and dried the empty sugar canister and, after my wife purchased more sugar, I refilled it. The lesson I learned is this: close the sugar canister immediately after retrieving the needed sugar.

The following morning, I smoked the pork loin. We ate a bit of it for dinner that night; it was good.

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  1. Actually, that sounds like it might be a different kind of delicious.

  2. Teresa says:

    I once took cayenne for cinnamon in something I was cooking. You can imagine the result.

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