Birthday Girl

Today is my wife’s birthday. Normally, we’d go out to dinner or I’d prepare a special dinner at home. She asked me for scallops. But then our neighbors invited us out to lunch, followed by a few hours touring Lake Balboa on their boat. Janine opted for the boat. It was a marvelous way to while away a few hours. It reminded me that I wish I had a boat. The next two nights won’t do for dinner, either. “Stuff” on the agenda. But maybe Saturday or Sunday I can make scallops with risotto and wilted spinach for her.

For dinner, we went to Sonic. We used a coupon that allowed one free cheeseburger with one paid. See, I was a sucker for the kid in the Walmart parking lot, who was selling coupon cards for $5 to find his baseball team’s trip. I bought one. Tonight’s freebie hamburger recouped $4.19. Another trip to Sonic and I’ll be miles ahead. Would that my investments had such returns.

I’m trying to be “up” tonight but failing miserably for some reason. I will plug away.

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  1. Give Janine, happy birthday wishes from me and tell her that several years ago I developed the attitude of celebrating my birthday for a month. So on the first of the month of my birthday,it’s on the 13th, I wake up and say, “It’s my birthmonth!” And I start celebrating then. Since your birthday is at the end of the month, I suggest you celebrate through most of July and next year you start earlier.

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