Sleepless in the Village

I went to bed just before eleven last night. So far, I haven’t fallen asleep. My wife slept a fair amount of the night, but she woke up some time after 3:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so she decided to get up. I made the same decision at the same time. During the course of being awake and then getting out of bed, I’ve sufficiently informed myself about the happenings around the world that I feel just as dull as ever. The pain in my arm is back with a vengeance. And it’s Black Friday, the USA’s homage to unchecked greed that might be sold as an attempt to “put the Christ back in Christmas.” Right.

On a happier note, I found online an article about a house for sale; the place straddles the US/Canada border at the bargain basement price of US $109,000. It’s a fixer-upper, but wouldn’t it be cool to fix up a house so one could go to sleep in Stanstead, Quebec and get up the next morning and have breakfast in Derby Line, Vermont. According to the article, there are “issues” with which one might have to deal, including harassment by US and Canadian border guards. But what the hell, wouldn’t it be fun to be able to escape to Canada by simply running down the hall if things were to get too bad?

My wife has gone back to bed (it’s 5:30 now) and I continue to wrestle with the possibility of doing the same. But, having made a cup of coffee and consumed the better part of it, that’s looking less likely by the moment.  Well, I wrestled with it and decided against it. Instead, I decided to make an early morning snack of green bean casserole left over from last night’s Thanksgiving dinner with neighbors. A neighbor couple invited about eight people from the neighborhood a few others to bring side dishes and another neighbor supplied a monstrous turkey. It was a good evening, but we now have enormous volumes of Thanksgiving food in the house. I’m doing my part to get rid of it.

Cold green bean casserole goes extremely well with Tabasco sauce. You probably already knew that, though. And the Tabasco sauce tends to clear the sinuses. You probably already knew that, too. What you might not have known is that, after having a bit of early morning green bean casserole, the idea of a more common breakfast is unappealing. By partaking of green bean casserole, my taste buds are far more interested in turkey and dressing and the like than eggs and Canadian bacon.

Back to scouring the internet for tidbits of interesting information. And, just maybe, turkey and dressing.

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