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I read a short story during yesterday afternoon’s read-around at the writers’ conference. I’d read it before, recently, at the local club’s program, L’Audible Art. I think I did a better job this time around; I think it was generally well-received. Though I have to admit it was not as good as some of the pieces read by other registrants; there was honest talent in the room yesterday.

The conference has been good so far, offering enough insights and ideas to warrant the expense of time and money required to participate. Though a bit of self-promotion by a speaker or two wounded the event a bit yesterday, all in all I found it interesting. Some of the most interesting pieces, though, were in casual conversations with other participants. And I was able to confirm the willingness of an exceptionally bright author and social media guru to speak to the local club soon, though she’s spoken before.

Yesterday was mostly business, in one way or another, but last night a group of six of us went out for a fun dinner. Conversations, throughout the day and into dinner last night ranged from serious to bizarre; I like a little bizarre from time to time (as if that weren’t obvious from what I write here).

More today!

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