Who Is That Guy?

I wrote, a month or two ago, about an exercise in which one attempts to describe himself from the perspective of someone he has just met.  I will do that here, basing my description on a specific person to whom I’d been introduced an hour or so before, during a social gathering.  Below is how I expect that person would describe me, based on our interactions.

He is a rather short, stocky guy with an unremarkable head of hair and a well-developed double chin.  He attempts to be affable, but you can tell he’s a bit uncomfortable with new people.  He doesn’t have a genuine “happy to meet you” smile; it’s more of a stress smile, the sort of response you’d expect during a first meeting with a new doctor.

He’s not unfriendly, he’s just a little withdrawn, except for his strained attempt to be outgoing.  I’m a little embarrassed for his efforts; almost anyone should be able to see through them. He’s a little like a lonely puppy, starved for attention but afraid of rejection.

It’s hard to tell, at this stage, whether he’s unusually bright or extraordinarily dull; he could be either.  Or neither. I’d probably not invite him to a dinner party, expecting him to strike up conversations.

I’m not suggesting the person’s description of me is spot on, only that I think that’s the way he’d describe me shortly after the first meeting.

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5 Responses to Who Is That Guy?

  1. Thanks Lois, Pauline, Robin, and Millie! One of these days I’ll expand on why this exercise was interesting to me and why I guessed this particular guy would describe me this way.

  2. Millie says:

    Your writing moves me.

    My first impression of you differs drastically from your perspective of what others think of you upon meeting. Perhaps one of these days I will post it to you here.

    You would be high on the list of people whom I would invite to a party.

  3. robin andrea says:

    That’s pretty much how I would describe myself if I were meeting me for the first time. Although, I’m not so much like a lonely puppy looking for love, more like puppy look for a quiet place to be by myself. I don’t make many friends anymore.

  4. I’d say that the person describing you on a first encounter like this does not have much understanding of others. And is probably focused on him or herself…

  5. Lois Ferrara says:

    You really should put all of these in a book 🙂

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