Well, Tread Lightly, Then…

A few days ago, I wrote about my concerns with the police searches in Watertown, MA in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.  I remain concerned with attitudes that allow U.S. Senators to call for a United States citizen to be treated as an “enemy combatant.”  And I continue to be troubled by philosophies that permit people to think it’s acceptable to dispense with an accused person’s Miranda warning.  But my concerns with the ways in which the police searches were conducted have diminished.

I give credit to the people who ask and answer questions on Quora for helping to quell my fears.  If you’re interested in reading what others have to say about the searches, read the questions and comments here.  Though the responses and comments have not been vetted by “experts,” I have enough confidence in them to allow myself to be soothed.  And we all need soothing, don’t we?

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