Two years ago today, I read an article entitled The Art of the Mistake, by Alice Driver. The article moved me to tears. I doubt others would be moved to tears the way I was. But the ideas offered in the article—ideas that suggested to me the immeasurable value of viewing the world from a peculiar but utterly wonderful perspective—struck a chord so deep within me that I could not help myself. I sobbed. I remember thinking: There must be something wrong with me; this article should not summon such a powerful emotional response. But it did. And, today, as I read the article again for the first time in two years, it had the same effect. As I mull over the strange reaction I have to the article, I am slowly beginning to conclude that the Wabi-sabi world view is a powerful framework upon which emotions may be strung like lights on a Christmas tree.  And that concept is one I need to explore. Not for knowledge, but for enlightenment.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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