In just a short while, my wife and I will make a trek to Little Rock with my sister-in-law for the latter’s eye surgery. She is having a vitrectomy to correct a macular hole. Post-surgery care requires the patient to stay in a face-down position for a week or more. To assist in that harder-than-I-would-have-imagined task, my sister-in-law arranged for rental of a chair and assorted ancillary devices to help maintain that position. In my opinion, one of the most difficult circumstances involved in face-down behavior is apt to be sleeping on one’s stomach. Another device, which raises the head slightly and provides cushioning and a place to put one’s face (to allow breathing), will help in that endeavor. My wife and a friend of my SIL’s will assist during the course of the next week or two, as will I when needed/wanted. I feel for my SIL, having to undergo the surgery. The alternative, though, is gradual or not-so-gradual blindness in the affected eye, which makes the decision to have the surgery an easier one.

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