Unexpected Welcome Guests

During a long and satisfying walk yesterday afternoon (my wife and my sister-in-law and I did some pretty damn impressive walking, about 3 miles worth up and down some STEEP hills), I got a notification that I had received an email. Upon checking, I discovered that my former sister-in-law (my brother’s ex-wife) had sent me an email, asking if I was in town and asking me to call.  When I got back to my house, we connected. She and her husband were in town.  We coordinated and planned a bit, ultimately deciding they should come to our house, which they did.  After a bit of chatting and catching up, we went for a long drive around the village, showing them the “sights” and demonstrating that we live in a pretty damn nice place!  Then, we had a long, leisurely dinner at The Last Chance, a bar & grill on the largest lake in the Village.

The evening ended and our guests departed. It was an unexpected but absolutely welcome change of plans.  My wife and SIL had planned an evening at Coronado Center, listening to blues in the lobby.  We missed that, but had an interesting and unexpected evening, nonetheless.

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