Two Hundred Ninety

Some people seek forgiveness for what they have done; others for who they are. The most dangerous, though, refuse to engage in the search, seeing in it only weakness.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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6 Responses to Two Hundred Ninety

  1. jserolf says:

    Excellent points, Trish!

  2. Trisha says:

    Well, I say hold on here. What exactly defines for one “sins” from, lets say “wrong doing”? Or just feeling bad for what you said, or did? I’m not much for the connotation of sin. Catholic’s thrive on such words. There is an enormous space between the three. I do not belief in sin, but I do belief in wrong doing, and I never needed a Church to tell me. My conscious mind tell me all the time to be a good person, and i’ve no affliction I know that voice can be a liar, therefore since I belief this voice to be…hmmm and influence. Your ghost are what you make them; My house now, with no normal father for my son, son leaving the nest in short order , 14 year old dog off, and his was my friend, protector, is now history. So, in short order, I lost a 20 year marriage, my son is leaving the nest, and my long time friend and champion, my dog have all disputed, in a matter of months.

    John, I say whooooye once again. Sins are man-made, in the mind of men whom want to believe.Therefore not to insult Juan, but that guilt seems taught. And share is the biggest game with the Catholics. I will admit, here in Mexico, the Catholics do not brother me, and are good people, kind and simple. Most are “bad Catholics”, hope they are forgiven no matter what, for purgatory is no place to be, and worse than hell! S

    So, based on my assumption we will all meet soon somewhere, though briefly…I had a dream about just that the other night. Maybe bull shit, but that dream was telling me other wise!! Gee, I was up in arms because we couldn’t choose!

    La Trisha

  3. Juan, I think I understand. But the possibility exists that I don’t. We wish our real or imagined sins can be absolved; perhaps we’re all in the throes of that absolution, taking a form we never expected it to take.

  4. Trisha says:

    Aww, Juan!! There are those moments and or, words we wish to retract, but cannot. Having discovered little by little in recent times to tame the self prosecution and retaining the event, but only under the condition and self promise to not repeat that act. Of course, that is the Hope, but often not the outcome. Perhaps the good in this is not the failing to that promise, but the admission to acknowledging, and wishing those ghost away in an out loud voice to remind you of what you feel is, or was the right thing to do, or have done…

  5. jserolf says:

    And possibly for “who they were” — for sins committed, either imagined or not, that never go resolved, that keep coming back like ghosts that haunt at night.

    “Hope” says we change: Our only salvation.

    I still remember the first man I ever fired. There are things I have said that I wish I never did, But, the phrases keep returning so constant I need to actually talk out-loud or even shout out in an attempt to bury it away with sound. Sometimes they come when I am doing something mindless, like watching TV, and so in an attempt to shift the bad thought — that returning ghost — my fingers thoughtlessly flip the channels in an attempt to move something away from that returning dream of what I did.

    I sometimes wonder, when seeing bag-ladies or men walking and talking aloud, if they are really in some kind of act like my own — attempting to shout out or talk away those bad ghosts.

  6. Trisha says:

    So true, John!

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