Too Cold to Think and Walk at the Same Time

This morning, as I sit before my computer, the images do not come. Words elude me. The creativity I had hoped would spur me to spill ideas and intriguing language through my fingers and onto the screen remains hidden under an impermeable blanket. Why am I unable to break the dull shackles this morning? Why are the words locked behind a wall with no apertures of entry? I am asking the wrong person, I’m afraid. I am asking myself, the same self who’s unable to light a creative spark this morning.

Perhaps my inventive thoughts are frozen; according to Weather Underground, it’s twenty-two degrees outside, cold enough to turn warm thoughts into frigid bricks. Maybe that’s it: I am the victim, this morning, of cryogenic creativity. When my creativity thaws, perhaps the screen will be awash in ingenuity.

But for now, I can only sit here, waiting for the sky to offer sufficient light for my walk. But is twenty-two degrees too cold for a walk? Someone I spoke to yesterday said I was crazy for walking in the cold; that may be true. Maybe I’ll wait until the temperature is a tad higher. Maybe not. Only time, and not much of it, will tell.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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4 Responses to Too Cold to Think and Walk at the Same Time

  1. I am with you on ball caps! Though I rather like the caps that Greek fishermen wear; I suspect ball caps devolved from Greek fishermen’s caps, losing their stoutness and allowing the bills to elongate into lizard tongues. I’m all for a return to classy hats of all kinds!

  2. jserolf says:

    I love a good hat. I’m glad you’re doing the fedora — it fits you.

    I keep a fedora straw. On the other hand, I hate ball-caps as they seem more for children than for grown men and women. Ball caps are classless; they have no style to them.

    Keep wearing your fedora and I will too, and maybe with others we will reconstitute a more civil and classy culture.

  3. I’ll check it out, Juan. I’ve been wearing my brown suede fedora when I walk; keeps my head warm and I look a little like Indiana Jones, though the women I encounter on the street tell me I’m far better looking than he. 😉

  4. jserolf says:

    Brother: Go to yon Ebay and look for smoking hats. I swear by them! They keep my head warm and when I put it on, something magical happens. 😉

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