Three Hundred Three

If a professional editor had proofed the English language before it was ‘published,’ we would not have homophones. The words ‘flour’ and ‘flower’ would have been caught and corrected with, perhaps, ‘flour’ and ‘prungle’ or ‘bludge’ and ‘flower.’

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2 Responses to Three Hundred Three

  1. Trisha says:

    And true to form, I wrote ordasity instead of audacity. Should have done a spell check on that one, but sometimes it depends on how your hear it to your tongue. 🙂

  2. Trisha says:

    Considering that between my native tongue that is English, which still eludes me, and having the ordasity to take on Spanish as a second, which is just as amazing, I’ve concluded that diction is not all that! Perfection in any language could be a fault, for one would have the tendance to omit many, in various forms. Well is that sad! This one is happy in misuses, yet picking up on the correct usages as one goes along. No one seems to mind, at least in Spanish, that I’m wrong in usages, but I did appreciate the correction. Whether I will remember to use it is a bit foggy.

    La Trisha

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