Three Hundred Thirty-Seven

The line was crossed yesterday. It should have happened before. Regardless of when it happened, or should have happened, here is the upshot: I am no longer willing to accept that I have a disagreement with people who support ready access to assault weapons. Instead, I judge those people who argue we all should have easy access; they are irresponsible, deeply stupid people for whom I have nothing but contempt. Easy public access to machine guns—for that’s what they are—is idiotic.  No longer will I argue; I will judge and hold people who argue for this madness in absolute contempt. It matters not whether mentally ill patients or psychopathic killers are to blame for the deaths; neither should have access to weaponry suited only to murder. If you find this unwavering attack of mine painful, don’t bother coming back to this page. I don’t want you here.

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2 Responses to Three Hundred Thirty-Seven

  1. Joyce says:

    John, I’m still in shock. Enough is enough! Decades ago I hunted deer but sold my rifle when my first grandchild was born. Didn’t want a gun in the house. Now I want ALL guns registered and no one but the military and law enforcement should have access to an assault weapon.

  2. jserolf says:

    I am with you, Brother. I don’t mind the idea that people can own weapons, but assault rifles go far beyond a margin of acceptance. I have this thought now, and I had this thought years ago when a friend of mine and I imported shotguns from Italy and sold them here in the US (over and under and side by side). All legal, as I had then an importers/exporters license from ATF.

    However, when my partner struck an interest in importing Chinese-made AK47s, that’s when I pulled out. There was just something incredibly stupid about that.

    We have a responsibility to the public domain, just as well as the private one.

    One person with a belief is equal to ninety-nine who have only interests. JS Mill.

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