Three Hundred Sixty-Two

As I glance at the “dashboard” of my blog, I notice there’s a snapshot of just a few of the categories I’ve assigned to posts I’ve written. The visible topics are: racism, rant, regret, religion, resolutions, ruminations, and science. I click to find my “most used” topics and the snapshot changes to: thoughts for the day, ruminations, just thinking, philosophy, writing, food, fiction, and wisdom.

I scroll to the top of the alphabetical list of all categories and see: absurdist fantasy, aging, architecture, art, beer, books, business, and cars. I scroll down further and see cash gifts, change, climate change, clothes, communication, compassion, complacency, and computer maintenance. I scroll down further: sculpture, secular morality, self-discipline, selfishness, sense of place, serenity, sloth, and sound.

It occurs to me that the list of categories is the only place, outside my head, where all the things I think about are visible. However, a couple of topics that are always on my mind remain absent. Those missing topics—the subjects I’ve chosen (consciously) not to write about and share—form a wall around my writing. At some point, that wall must come down if my writing is to be as revelatory as I think it should be. It’s not courage that keeps me from writing about those topics, it’s compassion.

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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